A heartfelt love letter blanket to your mother is one letter that feels weird. She has been there all your life, and suddenly it hits you that this wonderful human being means a lot to you. Writing a love letter to your mother allows you to unpack tonnes of affection you have for her.

Whether it is her birthday, Mother’s Day, or anniversary, there are no rules on the best time to write and gift a love letter blanket to your mother. Your love letter may not give her butterflies, but the potency of your sweet words will make her smile, give her goosebumps or make her shed tears of joy. 


This post shows you how to write a love letter to your mother with practical examples. Enjoy!


Sample 1

Dear Mum,
How can I explain my love for you, Mama? 
I cherish your care and love for us. 
I adore you for the goofy chats after a Sunday roast where you were never tired of listening to me. You understand me better than anyone.
You should have seen my face when I found the extra quid you slipped in my pocket on my last camping trip.
You are the greatest mother ever.
Your loving son,



Sample 2

Dear Mum,
Mi Madre! I am always grateful to you for your undying love. Grateful for the days you carried me around the garden on your shoulders.
I am a bigger girl now; I hope you’ll still carry me on your shoulder like old times! 
Thanks for serving us those early morning cookies with a pleasant smile on your face. Thank you for being you.
Your Little Pumpkin,
Alex. (10)


Sample 3

Dear Mom, 
I am thankful to you for your unconditional love for my siblings and me. You are a constant source of joy to me. Even with the many mistakes we make, you have remained ever supportive.
We love you a lot. Thanks for the encouragement and inspiration. I am forever grateful for your calming presence in our life. 
Thank you for the stories at bedtime, the harmless banter, and the steamy red tomato soup during winter. I am proud of you Mother.
I love you.
Your daughters,
Maria & Maggie.



Overall, writing a love letter to your mother is one of the most exciting things you will ever do. It gives you the chance to reflect on the experiences shared, the highs and lows. The content comes from a place of reflection and deep affection that you may not have noticed before picking up your pen to write the letter. 

There is no formula for writing a good love letter to your mother other than the genuineness of your word and the reliving of heartfelt experiences through your words.

Pick up your pen, tablet, or laptop now and write that love letter to your mother today. Don’t postpone! You do not need a special occasion to tell how much she means to you.



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